Vit E and K

  1. Major forms of vit. E
    • Tocopherols
    • Tocotrienols
  2. Major functions of vit. E
    • Antioxidant
    • prevention of free radical damage
  3. Deficiency symptoms for vit.E
    • hemolysis of red blood cells
    • degeneration of sensory neurons
  4. People at risk for a vit. E deficiency
    Patients with fat malabsorbrion issues.
  5. Sources for Vit. E
    • plant oils
    • seeds
    • nuts
    • products made from oils
  6. Toxicity symptoms for vit. E
    inhibition of vit. K metabolism
  7. Major forms of Vit. K
    • Phylloquinine
    • manaquinine
  8. Functions of vit K
    • synthesis of blood-clotting factors
    • bonce proteins
  9. Deficiency of vit K
    hemorrhage due to poor blood clotting
  10. People at risk for a Vit. K deficiency
    • those taking antibiotics for a long time
    • adults with low green veggie intake
    • patients with fat malabsorption
  11. Sources of vit. K
    • green veggies
    • synthesis by intestinal microorganisms
  12. Toxicity symptoms for vit K
    • Rare, can cause hemolytic anemia
    • no UL is set
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