Chapter 13

  1. electoral college
    the group of persons chosen from shtat and the district of cloumbia every four years to formally elect the pres and vp
  2. presidential primary
    the election in which voters of a state indicate which of a political party's pres candidate they prefer to be its nominee
  3. winner-take-all
    a primary at which the candidates who wins the preference vote automatically wins the support of all the delegates chosen at the primary
  4. proportional representation
    a democratic party rule that any candidate who wins at least 15% of the votes cast in a primary gets the # of state democratic convention delegates that corresponds to his/her
  5. national convention
    the meeting at which a party's delegates votes for their presidential and vice-presidential candidate
  6. chief executive
    the term for the pres. as vested with the executive power of the u.s.
  7. chief of state
    term of the president as the ceremonial head of the u.s. , the symbol of all people of the nation.
  8. chief administrator
    term for the pres. as head of the administration of the federal governor
  9. chief diplomat
    term for the pres as the main architect of the foreign policy and spokes person to other countries
  10. commander in cheif
    term for the pres as commander of the nation's armed forces.
  11. cheif legislator
    term for the pres. as vested with the executive power of the united states
  12. cheif of party
    term for the pres. as the leader of his or her political party
  13. chief citizen
    term for the pres. as the representative of the people, working for the public interest.
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