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  1. A think band of nerve fibers that connects large areas of the cerebral cortex on each side of the brain and supports communication of information across the hemispheres.
    corpus callosum
  2. A set of subcortical structures that directs intentional movements.
    basal ganglia
  3. A subcortical structure that relays and filters information from the senses and transmits the information to the cerebral cortex
  4. A subcortical structure that regulates body temperature, hunger, thirst and sexual behavior.
  5. The outermost layer of the brain, visible to the naked eye and divided into two hemispheres
    cerebral cortex
  6. A part of the limbic system that plays a central role in many emotional processes, particularly the formation of emotional memories
  7. A structure critical for creating new memories and integrating them into a network of knowledge so that they can be stored indefinitely in other parts of the cerebral cortex.
  8. A brain structure that regulates sleep, wakefulness, and levels of arousal.
    reticular formation
  9. A part of the midbrain that is involved in movement and arousal.
  10. A large structure of the hindbrain that controls fine motor skills
  11. A brain structure that relays information from the cerebellum to the rest of the brain
  12. An extension of the spinal cord into the skull that coordinates heart rate, circulation and respiration.
  13. An area in the cerebral motor cortex in the frontal lobe that is responsible for speech production
    broca's area
  14. A region of the cerebral cortex that has specialized areas for movement, abstract thinking, planning and judgement
    limbic system
  15. An area in the brain that is responsible for comprehension of receptive speech.
    wernicke's area
  16. A region of the cerebral cortex responsible for hearing and language
    temporal lobe
  17. A part of the midbrain that orients an organism in the environment
  18. A region of the cerebral cortex that processes visual information.
    occipital lobe
  19. A region of the cerebral cortex whose functions include processing information about touch
    parietal lobe
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