Chapter 7

  1. T or F:

    Potato salad that has been prepared in-house and stored at 41°F must be discarded after three days.
  2. T or F:

    Food can be stored near chemicals as long as the chemicals are stored in sturdy, clearly labeled containers.
  3. T or F:

    Storing cans of stewed tomatoes to 65°F is acceptable.
  4. T or F:

    Raw chicken must be stored below redy-to-eat food, such as pumpkin pie, if it is stored in the same walk-in refrigerator.
  5. T or F:

    If stored food has passed its expiration date, you should cook and serve it at once.
  6. 1. What should be on the label of TCS food prepared on-site?
    2. What is the absolute longest it can be held at 41°F
    • 1. Name of the food and the date it should be sold, consumed, or discarded.
    • 2. 7 days
  7. If food is prepared from left-overs, what should it be labeled as for discard date?
    The ingredient with the oldest use-by date.
  8. Why should you use open shelving in a refrigerator?
    You do not want to restrict the flow of cold air
  9. What are some things you can do to maintain temperatures in the refrigerator?
    • 1. Insure airflow
    • 2. defrost on a regular basis
    • 3. keep the door closed as much as possible
  10. What are the temperature & humidity setting for your dry storage area?
    • Temperature = 50°F-70°F
    • Humidity = 40% - 50%
  11. Live shellfish & eggs should be kept at ___
  12. MAP & ROP foods should be kept at ...
  13. What is the recommended top-to-bottom order for storing the following foods in the same refrigerator:

    A. raw trout
    B. uncooked roast beef
    C. raw chicken
    D. raw ground beef
    • A. 1
    • B. 2
    • C. 4
    • D. 3
  14. What are the storage requirements for live shellfish?
    • 1. In original container
    • 2. Stored at 45°F or less.
    • 3. Shellstock ID tags must be kept on file for 90 days from the date tht the shellfish was sold or served from the container.
  15. What can be done to help keep food safe in dry-storage areas?

    1. Keep storerooms between 50°F & 70°F. Low humidity
    2. Keep storrooms well-ventilated
    3. Store dry food away from walls
    4. Keep food at least 6" off the floor
    5. Keep food out of direct sunlight
  16. In top-to-bottom order, how should a fresh pork roast, fresh salmon, a carton of lettuce, and a pan of fresh chicken breasts be stored in the refrigerator?

  17. Where should raw poultry be placed in a cooler?

  18. Why is first in, first out (FIFO) storage used?

  19. When storing ready-to-eat TCS food that was prepared on site, wht information must be included on the label?

  20. What is the warmest temperature at which groud beef can safely stored?

  21. At what temperature should dry storge rooms be kept?

  22. When storing food using the FIFO method, the food with the earliest use-by-dates should be moved...

  23. A restaurant that has prepared tuna salad can store it at 41°F or lower for a maximum of ____ days.

  24. It is important to avoid lining cooler shelves with aluminum foil because the foil...

  25. Which storage practice is correct?

  26. T or F:

    You can store food near chemicals as long as the chemicals are stored in sturdy, clearly labeled containers.
  27. T or F:

    You can store food in any durable container that you can cover
  28. T or F:

    Arrange stored food by its use-by-date so that you use the oldest first
  29. T or F:

    You should reject a delivery of frozen steaks covered in large ice crystals
  30. Store raw meat, poultry, and seafood _____ ready-to-eat food
  31. Purchase food from ______, reputable suppliers
  32. Store ready-to-eat food a maximum of ____ days
  33. Identify the minimum internal cooking temperature for

    A. Eggs (for immediate service)
    B. Eggs for hot holding
    C. Roasts
    D. Ground meat
    E. Grains, fruit, vegies (for hot holding)
    F. Steaks/chops
    G. Seafood
    H. Poultry
    I. Injected meat
    • A. 145°F
    • B. 155°F
    • C. 145°F
    • D. 155°F
    • E. 135°F
    • F. 145°F
    • G. 145°F
    • H. 165°F
    • I. 155°F
  34. T or F:

    Coolers are designed to cool hot food quickly
  35. T or F:

    Cook a whole turkey to a minimum internal cooking temperature of 155°F for 15 seconds
  36. T or F:

    The first step in cooling TCS food is to cool it from 135°F to 70°F in 3 hours
  37. T or F:

    Fish cooked in a microwave must be cooked to a minimum internal temperture of 145°F
  38. Give 5 ways to cool a large vat of chili
    • 1. Divide into smaller containers
    • 2. Place in an ice bath & stir
    • 3. Use an ice paddle
    • 4. Add ice to food
    • 5. Use a blast chiller
  39. T or F:

    Minestrone soup held in a soup warmer can be held at 125°F
  40. T or F:

    Prime rib held in a hot-holding unit can be held at 130°F
  41. T or F:

    Macaroni salad can be held at 50°F
  42. T or F:

    The temperture gauge in a holding unit can be used to check the internal temperture of food
  43. T or F:

    You must check the temperature of food at least every 4 hours
  44. T or F:

    You should throw out potato salad that has been held for 4 hours at 40°F
  45. T or F:

    Covering food helps maintain its internal temperature
  46. T or F:

    All hot-holding equipment can be used to reheat food
  47. Which of the following statements are correct?

    You can hold potto salad at a picnic without refrigeration with temperature control from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm if...

    A. It is at 39°F when taken out of refrigeration
    B. It has a label indicating when it was removed from refrigeration and states that it should be thrown out at 6:00 pm.
    C. While out of temperature control, the potato salad never goes higher than 70°F
    D. All of the potato salad will be eaten by 5:00 pm
    All are correct
  48. Which of the following statements are correct?

    You can hold a pan of baked mostaccioli without temperature control from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm if...

    A. It is at 140°F before being removed from temperature control
    B. It has a label indicating that it should be thrown out at 5:00 pm
    C. All of the mostaccioli will be eaten by 6:00 pm
    A & B are correct
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