1. Process through which people learn their culture's basic norms, values, beliefs, and appropriate behaviors
  2. the expected attitude for most working-class job
  3. The attitude required for the kind of independent thinking expected in many middle-class occupations
  4. a group of people, usually of comparable age, who share similar interests and social status
    Peer group
  5. Process of learning the informal norms associated with a type of employment
    Occupational Socialization
  6. the process by which individuals replace old norms and behaviors with new ones as they move from one role or life stage to another
  7. Looks at how age, time, and place shape social identities and experiences over a lifetime
    life-course perspective
  8. activities that mark and celebrate a change in a person's social status
    Rites of Passage
  9. Process by which individuals practice for a future social role by adopting norms or behaviors associated with a position they have not yet achieved
    Anticipatory socialization
  10. Natural condition linked to children's physical immaturity 
  11. When youth are nearing physical maturity and are no longer considered children but have not yet taken on the rights or responsibilites of adulthood
  12. Sociologist that argued that the shared historical experiences of a group shape its general attitudes and behaviors
    Karl Mannheim
  13. Contends that biology, specifically our genetic makeup, almost completely shapes human behavior
    Biological Determinism
  14. Contends that culture and the social environment almost completely shape human bahavior
    Social Determinism
  15. Collection of thoughts and feelings you have when considering yourself as an object
    Sense of Self
  16. What Sociologist developed the looking glass self concept?
    Charles Cooley
  17. Sociologist that argued that the self is made up of what he called the "i" and "me"
    George Herbert
  18. Part of the self that is spontaneous, impulsive, creative, and unpredictable
  19. Sense of self that has been learned from interaction with others
  20. The ability to follow someone's gaze to see the same thing that person is looking at
    Gaze Monitering
  21. Social theorist most closely associated with the idea that power shapes our daily life and our sense of self
    Michel Foucault
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