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  1. What is TWC?  Glossary
    Method of authorizing movements or protecting employees or on-track equipment in signaled of non-signaled territory on controlled track within specified limits.  TWC is not used within yard limits.
  2. What is required for a train to report clear of TWC limits when a train is equipped with an EOT?
    The motion-sensing device indicates the rear of the train is intact, the display indicating air pressure on the rear of the train gives the expected reading and the distance traveled after the engine passes out of the block is the train's length as determined by the use of the odometer on the HTD.
  3. What are the requirements before occupying main track, signaled track, or siding?  R120a
    • Employees must have dispatcher message and release form
    • or dispatcher messages and verbal release of dispatcher per rule 124.
  4. When do TWC general rules apply?  R160
    In DCS TWC territory. TWC rules always apply in DCS territory.
  5. Are TWC rules in effect in yard limits?  R160
  6. If a train overruns a TWC authority what must be done?  R161
    Provide protection per rule 70 and contact dispatcher.
  7. Who should report to the dispatcher when clearing any authority?  R165
    Only the conductor and/or engineer.
  8. When can the dispatcher change/cancel authority?  R162
    Dispatcher must first contact the train, then receive acknowledgement of understanding from the engineer the authority is going to be canceled/changed.
  9. Who can obtain authority from the dispatcher?  R161
    Any crewmember may secure the authority when directed by and under the direct supervision of the conductor or engineer.
  10. What is required to occupy TWC territory?  R161
    Form EC-1 DCS TWC territory.
  11. When given a block and authority to operate in one direction and reverse movement is needed what should be done?  R164
    Permission from the dispatcher must be received prior to making the reverse movement.
  12. Once a train has reached the end of an authority and needs to make a reverse move BEYOND the limits of the same block, what is required?  R164
    The train must receive new authority.
  13. What is meant when you receive a block and authority to operate in both directions?  R163
    The train has exclusive occupancy of the track and may operate in either direction.
  14. What is required when operating a hand operated switch in TWC territory?  R165b
    A switch position awareness form must be filled out.
  15. When you are on a STANDING train, how must protection be provided for an assisting train?  R166
    Provide protection per rule 70. 
  16. How should an assisting train approach the train left standing in a block?  R166
    The assisting train should stop 1/4 mile of location of the standing train, then approach the location of the standing train at restricted speed.
  17. What is the speed of restricted speed?
    A speed that will permit stopping within 1/2 the range of vision.
  18. When leaving equipment unattended what is required of the crew concerning the dispatcher?  R167
    the authority must be TRANSFERRED from the train to the dispatcher.
  19. When removing unattended equipment from a block, what should the train dispatcher be advised of?  R167a
    The number of engine units or cars moved. The identifying initials and number of the engine unit or car at each end of the equipment.
  20. Where are limits of DCS located?  R181
    Limits of DCS track warrants authority is defined by Form EC-1.
  21. Who should report TWC authority clear to the dispatcher?  R165
    Only the engineer or conductor.
  22. How are limits of track warrant authority on EC-1 designated?  R181
    • Station names
    • Mile Posts
    • Switches
    • Signals
    • Control points
  23. A train equipped with an EOT may report "clear" when:
    • Motion sensing device indicates the rear of the train is intact.
    • Display, indicating air pressure on the rear, gives the expected reading.
    • Distance traveled after the engine passes out of the block is the trains length as determined by the use of the odometer on the HTD.
  24. A train must not report clear of TWC Limits until a crew member or other employee:
    • Observes the rear end marker.
    • Verifies the rear car's initial and number.
  25. Where are limits of DCS Track Warrant authority defined?  R180
    Form EC-1.
  26. A train must not report clear until: it passes a defect detector, after exiting the block that gives an axle count and agrees with?
    • The count of a previous defect detector.
    • An actual count made by a crew member.
  27. If clearing the main track at a hand-operated switch, a train must not report clear until:
    • The train is clear of the main track.
    • The switch (and derail if equipped) have been restored to normal position.
  28. Who initials the switch position awareness form?  R165b
    The engineer and conductor.
  29. True/False.  Information must be entered on the switch position awareness form in INK?  R165b
  30. Who must retain the switch position awareness form for 5 days?
    Conductor only.
  31. When a TWC authority is given at a switch, where does it apply?  R160
    At the clearance point of the switch.
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