AM STUD ch 23-26

  1. What was the republican strategy when Grant ran in 1868?
    "wave the bloody shirt", i.e. make grant a war hero.
  2. What was black friday?
    Fisk & Gould got treasury to stop making gold, hoard the gold already in circulation, and skyrocket the price. Black Friday was the day rates flew up and then crashed, ruining most people. One of many scandals during Grant's term
  3. What was the Credit Mobilier?
    Another scandal during Grant's time- Railroaders make a company, build railroad, and hire themselves at high prices, selling stock to all.
  4. Describe the Whiskey Ring
    Another Scandal during Grant. Gov't agents take millions in excise tax. even Grant's secretary involved.
  5. William Belknap affair?
    Grant's secretary of war Belknap took bribes. Was impeached.
  6. Boss Tweed
    underhanded man who scammed most of New York and earned millions from it.
  7. Thomas Nast
    drew political cartoons of Boss Tweed
  8. Who prosecuted Tweed?
    Samuel J. Tilden
  9. Who led the Stalwarts? What did they believe?
    Roscoe Conkling/ they were a faction of the Republican party who believed in patronage, or bascially a spoils system
  10. Who were the Half Breeds? Who lead them?
    James Blaine/ Another Republican faction, wanted a civil service reform (no spoils system)
  11. What was the problem with the Hayes/Tilden elections?
    Voting mix-up - disputed ballots in Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana.
  12. What was the Compromise of 1877
    It broke the hayes/Tilden election dispute. Allowed Hayes (republicans) office, but abruptly ends military reconstruction because it required all troops removal from south.
  13. What were Jim Crow Laws?
    legalized segregation on the state level
  14. What was the importance of the Plessy v. Ferguson case?
    allowed segregation through the highest government, was not overturned till 1954 Brown v. Board
  15. Why was President Garfield Assassinated? Who shot him?
    So Chester Arthur would take office and the Stalwarts could get good jobs. Charles Guiteau
  16. What was the Pendelton Act?
    It said campagn contributions were illegal, and federal jobs could only be attained by heavy examination only
  17. Major goals of Populist party?
    Graduated income tax, direct senatorial election, gov't transport control
  18. What was interesting about the presidental win of Harrison in 1888?
    he didnt have the most popular vote, only electoral
  19. Made fortune from steam/railroads
    Cornelius Vanderbilt
  20. the Steel King, practiced Vertical Integration
    Andrew Carnegie
  21. the Oil Baron
    John Rockefeller
  22. "The Banker's Banker"
    J.P. Morgan
  23. Good v. Bad name for the rich, successful
    Captains of Industry/Robber Barons
  24. Vertical Integration
    Combine all aspects of manufacturing to save money and improve efficiency
  25. Horizontal Integration
    allying with competitors to monopolize the market
  26. Gospel of Wealth
    the idea that the wealthy must be responsible and have a moral obligation to give back
  27. Social Darwinism
    Society of the Fittest
  28. Interstate Commerce Act 1887
    government regulates big businesses, control RR rates- they must be published, regulated by the ICC (Interstate Commerce Committee)
  29. Corporate weapons against unions?
    Yellow Dog- a contract that makes workers promise not to join unions before being hired. sometimes lockout rebels and starve them, or put them on black list to make it hard to get jobs
  30. Who founded Knights of Labor?
    Terence Powderly
  31. Who founded the AF of L?
    samuel Gompers
  32. Difference btw KOL and AFOL?
    AFofL did not allow blacks or women, KOL allowed everyone
  33. Where did most immigrants come from before 1880? after?
    W Europe and British Isles/S&E Europe
  34. Why were immigrants disliked
    they were seen as uneducated, that they woiuldnt assimilate, and were stealing jobs
  35. What did the Chinese Exclusion act mandate?
    Completely bars Chinese
  36. What did Jane Addams do?
    founded Hull house to help immigrants assimilate
  37. what did lillian wald found?
    a settlement/assimilation house
  38. What does the APA do?
    attempt to keep immigrants out
  39. What were Booker T washingtons views?
    blacks may not get social equality but should strive to prove themselves. economic independence will set them free.
  40. What did WEB Dubois feel?
    He demanded complete equality immediately
  41. Who led Nez Pierce tribe & fought reservations? Apache?
    Chief Joseph/Geronimo
  42. What did the Homestead Act provide for?
    gave out land for cheap in West- Indians dont like because they are losing land.
  43. What happened to Buffalo supply
    drastically declined- mostly due to trains- people hunted for fun wastefully during long train rides
  44. What did Helen Hunt Jackson write?
    'A Century of Dishonor'- a book about the gov't and the indians.
  45. What caused the Battle of the Wounded Knee?
    Gov't banned the Indian Ghost Dance, which was supposed to defend and restore indian way of life.
  46. What did the Dawes act stipulate?
    tribes are legal entities and can own land after years of good behavior. An attempt to make them 'normal'
  47. What did Frederick Jackson Turner write about?
    was a historian who wrote about the Frontier. believed it shaped the nation but that it no longer existed because expansion had run its course.
  48. What were some problems for farmers?
    were being exploited and taken advantage of, had droughts, and problems with bugs, tariffs, and isolation. Could not organize into a government.
  49. Mary E. LEase?
    Queen of populists, ("let's raise less corn, and more hell!")
  50. What did Coxey's army attempt to protest in marching to D.C.?
    Improve employment situation
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