Micro lab 4

  1. What is the difference between a pure culture and a mixed culture?
    Pure culture - contains only 1 type of microorganism

    mixed culture - culture containing multiple microorganisms
  2. Define selective medium
    A medium that contains one or more chemicals that interferes with the growth of specific bacteria
  3. Define differential medium 
    A medium that contains a chemical that will make a particular colony of bacteria have a different appearance from the other colony's of bacteria
  4. DescribeDescribe the goal of streaking an agar plate for isolation 
    To separate bacteria from one another for the purpose of identification 
  5. Describe the procedure for streaking for isolation 
    Remove inoculum from tube and streak zone 1 (top1/3rd of plate) then flame loop and cool it before streaking zone 2 at a 45 deg angle clockwise to zone 1 repeat for zone 3 and 4
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Micro lab 4
Micro lab 4