Intro to Comm Law

  1. The boundary between legal and illegal behavior.
  2. Law is a set of objective rules to control human conduct and maintain order in a society with a...
    Set of formal, government sanctions for when rules are broken.
  3. Good law is four things. What are they?
    Clear and concise, limits government abuse, narrowly tailored, consistent and logical
  4. What are two names the media is known as?
    "Fourth Estate" and "Government Watchdog"
  5. A law that is created by the legislative branch of government
    Statutory law
  6. These laws are when time is of the essence. Comes out of the judicial branch.
    Law of equity
  7. An example of a law of equity?
    Restraining order
  8. The SIXTH circuit court of appeals covers which states?
    Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan
  9. The first amendment theory that states NO law means NO law, there are NO exceptions, with 100% protection
    Absolutist theory
  10. The first amendment theory that says freedom of speech/press is just one of many. These are balanced with other governmental interests. "Scales" erected anew in every situation/case.
    Ad Hoc Balancing Theory
  11. This first amendment theory states that it is fundamental for a free society. That people are entitled to more protection. Content-based laws presumed unconstitutional. The "scales" are tilted in favor of freedom of expression
    Preferred Position Balancing Theory
  12. What year did U.S. v. Alvarez take place?
  13. What did Xavier Alvarez claim to have earned?
    Congressional Medal of Honor
  14. What law did Congress pass in 2005 that made it illegal for someone to lie and say they were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor?
    Stolen Valor Act
  15. Who won in U.S. v. Alvarez?
    Alvarez. Court said it may have been different if he had lied about the medal of honor in order to get a job promotion. 
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