Psych Vocab ch 5

  1. Behavior Modification:
    The use of operant conditioning techniques to bring about desired changes in behavior
  2. Classical Conditioning:
    Learning to make an involuntary (reflex) response to a stimulus other than the original, natural stimulus that normally produces the reflex
  3. Continuous Reinforcement:
    The reinforcement of each and every correct response
  4. Stimulus Generalization:
    The tendency to respond to a stimulus that is only similar to the original conditioned stimulus with the conditioned response
  5. Reinforcement:
    Any event or stimulus, that when following a response, increases the probability that the response will occur again
  6. Operant Conditioning:
    The learning of voluntary behavior through the effects of pleasant and unpleasant consequences to responses
  7. Observational Learning:
    Learning a new behavior by watching a model perform that behavior
  8. Punishment:
    Any event or object that, when following a response, makes that response, less likely to happen again
  9. Shaping:
    The reinforcement of simple steps in behavior that lead to a desired, more complex behavior
  10. Extinction:
    The disappearance or weakening of a learned response following the removal or absence of the unconditioned stimulus (in classical conditioning) or the removal of a reinforcer (in operant conditioning)
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