English Vocab #20

  1. Opaque
    adj. impervious to light; dull; hard to understand; unclear
  2. Ostensible
    adj. appearing as such; offered as genuine or real (linke: taking the short-cut was ostensibly not the sensible thing to do)
  3. Pacifist
    n. one who is in opposition of war or violence (link: a pacifist never uses his fists)
  4. Palisade
    n. a fortification of timbers set in the ground; an extended cliff (link: My pal in the shade prefers to sit under the palisades)
  5. Palliate
    v. to make seem less serious; to mitigate (linke: the crocodile palliated for the pal he ate)
  6. Palpable
    adj. capable of being touched or felt (link: our pal the bull is palpable)
  7. Panache
    n. dashing elegance of manner or style (linke: mustache is a symbol of panache)
  8. Pandemic
    adj. widespread; general (link: pandas are pandemic to China)
  9. Panorama
    n. an unbroken view of a wide area
  10. Parable
    n. a simple story illustrating a moral or religious lesson
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English Vocab #20
English Vocab #20