Cosc Ch. 3 Review

  1. What is an enhanced keyboard?
    A keyboard that contains additional keys  that control volume, media, internet, and many other things.
  2. What is the Key Matrix?
    A grid of circuits located under the keys that when pressed closes the circuit.
  3. What is the Character map?
    A lookup table that tells the processor what key is being pressed.
  4. What does the cursor, or insertion point, tell you?
    Indicates where text will appear.  Can be a highlighted box, blinking line, or blinking underscore.
  5. What uses IR(infared), or RF(radio frequency), or blue tooth to connect to a computer and is increasing in popularity?
    Wireless keyboards.
  6. What does control+H do?
    Locates and replaces text
  7. What does CTRL+O do?
    Opens a new document.
  8. What does CTRL+X do?
    Cuts the selected text
  9. What does F1 do?
    Displays on-screen help
  10. What other key is present on a netbook or notebook that is normally not on a standard keyboard? Why?
    Fn or function key, because those keyboards are smaller and cannot fit everything on it that a regular keyboard has.
  11. Name three modifier keys?
    Shift, Alt, Ctrl
  12. Name 3 of the 5 keyboards for mobile devices?
    Mini keyboard, keypad, Virtual laser keyboard, On-screen Keyboard, and an intelligent on-screen keyboard.
  13. What is a pointing device?
    a device that allows you to control the movement of the on-screen pointer.
  14. What are the 4 commonly used mouses?
    Optical mouse, Travel Mouse, wheel mouse, Wireless mouse.
  15. Name 4 of the 7 mouse alternatives?
    Trackball, pointing stick, touch pad or track pad, click wheel, joystick, stylus, and touch screen.
  16. What is a click wheel?
    A pad where you use circular motions to navigate through song lists, or movies commonly used on iPod classic or iTouch.
  17. What is speech or voice recognition?
    Conversion of spoken words into computer text.
  18. What do scanner convert documents into?
    A bitmapped image.
  19. What is a bitmapped image?
    I representation of an image as a matrix of dots or pixels.
  20. What does OCR stand for?
    What does it go?
    • Optical Character Recognition
    • Automatically converts scanned text to a file instead of a bitmapped image.
  21. What different types of scanners are there?
    Flatbed, Handheld, and 3D scanners.
  22. How does a bar code reader work?
    It scan an items UPC and uses the facilities computer system to retrieve info about an item
  23. What is used do grade a scantron?
    An optical Mark reader
  24. What does LCD stand for?
    HOw does it work?
    • Liquid Crystal Display
    • A panel at the back generates light waves to make the images and colors
  25. what is the resolution of VGA?
  26. What is the resolution of SVGA?
    800 x 600
  27. What is the resolution of XGA?
    1024 x 768
  28. What is the resolution of SXGA?
    1280 x 1024
  29. What is the resolution of UXGA?
    1600 x 1200
  30. What does OLED stand for?
    How Does it work?
    • Organic Light Emitting Diode
    • They emit their own light and produce better color, contrast, brightness, and viewing angles
  31. What are the two most common types of printers?
    Inkjet and Laser
  32. Name three of the four other types of printer?
    • Dot-matrix
    • Thermal-transfer pattern
    • Photo printer
    • plotter
  33. What does DLP stand for?
    Digital Light Processing
  34. What is the difference between memory and storage?
    Memory is something that is accessed quickly and easily,  Storage is something that is filed away and can be gotten out but it takes more time.
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