Organizational Behavior Test 1

  1. What are the 4 functions of management?
    • Plan
    • Organize 
    • Lead 
    • Control
  2. Mintzbergs Interpersonal Management Roles
    • Figurehead
    • Leader
    • Liaison
  3. What is Mintzbergs Figurehead
    Symbolic head: required to perform a number of routine duties of a legal or social nature
  4. What is Mintzbergs Leader role?
    responsible for the motivation and direction of employees 
  5. what is mintzbergs liaison role?
    maintains a network of outside contacts who provide favors and information
  6. Mintzbergs Informational Management roles
    • Monitor
    • Disseminator
    • Spokesperson
  7. What is mintzbergs disseminator role?
    transmits information received from outsiders or from other employees to members of the otganization
  8. what is mintzbergs monitor role?
    receives wide variety of information; serves as nerve center of internal and external information of the organization
  9. what is mintzbergs spokesperson role?
    transmits information to outsiders on organizations plans, policies, actions and results. serves as expert on organizations industry
  10. what are mintzbergs decisional roles?
    • entrepreneur 
    • disturbance handler
    • resource allocator
    • negotiator
  11. what is mintzbergs entrepreneur role?
    searches organization and its environment for opportunities and initiates projects to bring about change
  12. what is mintzbergs disturbance handler role?
    responsible for corrective action when organization faces important, unexpected disturbances
  13. what is mintzbergs resource allocator role?
    makes or approves significant organizational decisions
  14. what is mintzbergs negotiator role?
    responsible for representing the organization at major negotiations 
  15. management skills
    • technical skills
    • human skills
    • conceptual skills
  16. technical skills
    the ability to apply specialized knowledge or expertise
  17. human skills
    the ability to work with, understand, and motivate other people, both individually and in groups
  18. conceptual skills
    the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex sitations
  19. luthans study of 4 managerial activities
    • traditional management
    • communication
    • human resource management
    • networking 
  20. disciplines in OB
    • psychology
    • social psychology
    • sociology
    • anthropology
  21. 3 levels of OB model
    • individual level
    • group level
    • organization systems level
  22. types of variables 
    • independent- X - what managers minipulate to observe changes in Y
    • dependent- Y - what the researches want to predict or explain (interesting variable)
  23. biographical characteristics 
    • age
    • gender
    • race
    • tenure(seniority)
    • religion
    • sexual orientation
    • gender identity 
  24. components of an attitude
    • cognitive- opinion or belief segment of an attitude 
    • affective- the emotional or feeling 
    • behavioral- intention to behave in a certain way 
  25. what are the major job attitudes?
    • job satisfaction
    • job involvement
    • psychological empowerment
    • organizational commitment
    • perceived organizational support
    • employee engagement
  26. 6 basic emotions
    • anger
    • fear
    • sadness
    • happiness
    • disgust
    • surprise
  27. what is the function of emotion?
    decision making process
  28. what is personality?
    the sum total ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others, the measurable traits a person exhibits
  29. name the big 5 model

    • openness to experience
    • conscientiousness
    • extroversion
    • agreeableness
    • emotional stability
  30. core self-evaluation
    the degree to which people like or dislike themselves

    positive self-evaluation leads to higher job performance 
  31. values
    basic convictions on how to conduct yourself or how to live your life that is personally or socially preferable (how to life life properly)
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