Physics Thermodynamics review

  1. Q=mL
    Equation to use for a phase change from solid<->liquid
  2. Q=mV
    Equation to use for a phase change from liquid<->gas
  3. Image Upload 2
    Equation to use when remaining a phase and changing temperature
  4. Specific Heat
    Amount of heat needed to raise the temperature
  5. Latent heat
    Heat released or absorbed by an object
  6. Thermal energy
    Amount of energy an object has relitive to it's heat
  7. Thermal equilibrium
    When two objects reach the same temperature after being put together
  8. Kelvin -> Celcius
    • Change of 273.
    • Celsius -> Kelvin= -273
    • Kelvin -> Celsius= +273
  9. Isothermic
    ~Equalling of temperature

    ~Thermic- Temperature
  10. Isobaric
    ~Equalling of pressure

    ~Baric- Barametor
  11. Isochoric
    ~Equalling of volume

    ~Also called isovolumetric

    ~Choric- Chorus has volume
  12. Adiabatic
    ~No change in anything

    ~ "a"- no
  13. Conductor
    ~When an item transfers heat well

    ~"When a woman is struck by lighting on a train, how long until it reaches the driver? Depends on if he's a good conductor."
  14. Conduction
    ~Heat transfer through direct contact

    ~Stove top
  15. Convection
    ~Heat transfer through fluid motion

    ~Convection oven
  16. Radiation
    ~Heat transfer through energy

  17. Insulator
    ~Item that doesn't transfer heat well

    ~Wooden spoon
  18. 1st law of thermodynamics
    ~Increase internal energy due to ading heat or doing work

    ~ excercising in a small room
  19. 2nd law of thermodynamics
    ~ Molecules want more entropy

    ~Kindergardners reading time vs. play time
  20. Entropy
    Molecules need for space
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