1. What is the product when adding Nicotine and chromic acid?
    Nicotinic acid and Chromic oxide
  2. What is difference between nicotinic acid and nicotinamide ?
    Nicotinc acid has a carboxyl group

    nicotinamide has an amine group
  3. Where does Glycolysis occur?
  4. Where does pyruvate processing and krebs cycle occur ?
  5. Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation occur?
  6. (glycolysis steps) first step
    • Take ATP and take its phosphate group to add it to glucose
    • **it turns into Glucose 6-phosphate

    • *turns ATP into ADP
    • *uses energy
  7. (glycolysis) 2nd step
    Glucose 6-phosphate is rearranged into Fructose 6-phosphate
  8. (glycolysis) 3rd step
    -use another ATP

    -Adds another Phosphate group to Fructose 6-phosphate and it will turn into Fructose 1,6 biphosphate
  9. (glycolysis) 4th step
    reaction occurs which splits fructose 1,6 biphosphate into 2 3-carbon sugars that are identical
  10. (glycolysis) 5th step
    • 2NAD+ is turned into NADH
    • *reduced reaction
  11. (glycolysis)  6th step
    • 2 molecules of ATP are formed
    • *one from each sugar molecule
  12. (glycolysis)  7th step
    goes through couple more steps till finally at second to last step, 2 ATP molecules are produced
  13. (glycolysis) 8th step
    LAstly , Pyruvate comes out
  14. (Slide 19) Product can activate feedback inhibition
    -product can turn around ad bind allosterically on the enzyme to slow or inhibit the reaction
  15. What happens when ATP levels are very high
    ATP can bing to an enzyme at a allosteric binding site to inhibit or slow down the activity of an enzyme
  16. What happens in the initial glycolysis steps?
    we waste energy
  17. WHich has more energy ATP or NADH?
  18. What happens if there is an electron acceptor such as oxygen?
    • it goes into cell respiration
    • *kreb cycle and electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation
  19. What happens if there isnt an electron acceptor such as oxygen?
    celll goes into fermentation
  20. What molecule is the frist in kreb cycle?
  21. which molecule is the last?
  22. Which is strongest and weakest molecule in kreb cycle?
    reduced: Citrate

    oxidized: Oxaloacetate
  23. What is matrix like?
  24. What are the membranes inside the mitochondira reffered to as by>
  25. Where does the kreb cycle occur at?
  26. What happens to pyruvate before going into krebbs cycle?
    -rips a carbon off to produce CO2

    -reaps some NAADH

    Image Upload 2
  27. What does Acetyl CoA do?
    -takes acetyl group and throws it into kreb cycle

    -changes oxaloacetate into citrate
  28. Why is Coenzyme A important?
    it transfer an acetyl group to oxaloacetate
  29. (krebbs cycle) What happens when acetyl binds with oxa?
    • they formed  Citrate
    • *6 carbon molecule
  30. (krebbs cycyle)WHAT HAPPENS after 2nd and 3r reaction?
    CO2 is ripped off
  31. (krebbs cycle) when is glucose broken down completely?
    after 3rd reaction
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