SAT 3-3

  1. corollary 
    n. a natural consequence or effect; a deduction or an inference 
  2. cryptic 
    adj. secretive or partially concealed; mysterious 
  3. definitive 
  4. despise 
    v. to look down on with contempt and scorn 
  5. digress 
    v. to turn aside from the main subject 
  6. disarray 
    n. confusion, disorder 
  7. disparage 
    v. to speak in a disapproving or slighting manner; to belittle 
  8. divert 
    v. to change the direction of; to amuse 
  9. docile 
    adj. easy to teach; submissive 
  10. drastic 
    adj. extreme; severe 
  11. electorate 
    n. the total group of qualified voters 
  12. emit 
    v. to send forth; to give out 
  13. endeavor 
    n. a serious attempt or effort 
  14. erratic 
    adj. inconsistent, unpredictable 
  15. erudite 
    adj. well-educated 
  16. exert 
    v. to put forth or bring to bear 
  17. fetid 
    adj. having a bad odor 
  18. firebrand 
    n. one who stirs up trouble or revolt 
  19. florescence 
    n. the act or condition of blooming; a period of success or achievement 
  20. girth 
    n. the distance around something; circumference 
  21. gruesome 
    adj. causing horror; frightful and shocking 
  22. incessant 
    adj. never pausing; continuous; without a stop 
  23. innate 
    adj. possessed at birth; inborn
  24. irascible 
    adj. easily angered; quick-tempered 
  25. jocose 
    adj. given to joking; merry 
  26. judicious 
    adj. wise and careful 
  27. mercurial
    adj. easily changeable; erratic 
  28. montage 
    n. a composite elements, esp. pictures, placed closely next to one another 
  29. nurture 
    v. to nourish, educate, or encourage 
  30. oblique 
    adj. not straight to the point; indirect 
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