Blood Component Requirements

  1. What blood preservative solutions expire in 21 Days?
    • ACD (Acid citrate dextrose)
    • CPD (Citrate phosphate dextrose)
    • CP2D (double dose)
  2. What blood preservative solutions expire in 35 days?
    • AS-1 (CPD + BAXTER)
    • AS-3 (CPD + PALL)
    • AS-5 (CPD+ TERUMO)
  4. Whole Blood Storage, Stability, & hct are what?
    • 1-6 oC
    • shelf life depends on anticoagulant in bag
    • Hct is 30-40%
  5. Whole Blood less than 7 days old should be used for who?
  6. RBC's (made by removing plasma from WB). What is the storage & hct level
    • 1-6C
    • hct should not exceed 80%
  7. Shelf life can increase to 42 days with AS-1,3, or 5 for what type of collection only?
    RBC's ONLY!
  8. When AS 1,3, or 5 is used, how much is added and what is the hct?
    • 100 - 110mL's added
    • hct is 55%-60%
  9. The presence of leukocytes in blood is associated with what types of reactions?
    • Allommunication to HLA's
    • Refractoriness to platelet transfusions
    • Nonhemolytic Febril
    • TRALI
    • Disease transmission (CMV,HTLV,EBV)
  10. AABB standards require that leukoredction must reduce the leukocytes to what and in how many units? How much origional RBC's must remain?
    • <5x106 per unit in 95% of units tested.
    • 85% of the origional RBC's must remain.
  11. How can you leukoreduce?
    • Bedside filtration
    • prestorage filtration
    • centrigugation
    • Saline washing
    • freeze and deglycerolize
  12. What decreases upon storage of RBC's?
  13. If RBC's are preserved with CPD or CPDA-1,h ow can you raise the levels of 2,3-DPG & ATP in RBC's?
    • By adding a solution containing:
    • pyruvate, inosine,adenine & phosphate.

    Process can occur up to 3 days following expiration date of origional unit of RBC's
  14. How long are Rejuvinated RBC's stable?
    24 hours
  15. Whole Blood Derived Platelets are very unstable at what pH?
    below 6.0 they become irreversible
  16. What are the AABB standars for Whole Blood Derived Platelets?
    • > 5.5 x 1010 platelets
    • pH > 6.2 at the end of allowable storage
    • must occur in 90% of the units
  17. Platelets are stored how?
    • with continual agitation for 5 days
    • at 20 -24C
  18. Platelet packs pooled from WB in 6-8packs  expiration date is what?
    4 hours
  19. What are the AABB standards for Platelet Pheresis?
    At least 90% of units must:

    • Contain > 3.0x1011 platelets
    • at the end of allowable storage or time of issue, have a
    • pH of > 6.2
  20. What are the AABB standards for leukoreduced Platelets derived from WB?
    8.3x105 leukocytes in 95% of the units tested.
  21. What are the AABB standards for leukoreduced platelets collected by apheresis and WB derived?
    • Must contain:
    • <5x106 leukocytes in 95% of units tested
  22. What are washed platelets useful for & when does it expire
    • IgA deficient patient (patient who developed anti IgA
    • Expires in 4 hours 
  23. What does Plasma contain
    Fibrinogen & Prothrombin
  24. Cryoprecipitate (reduced plasma) contains what?
    Albumin,factors: II,VIVII,IX,X,XI, & ADAMTS13
  25. What is Cryoprecipitated AHF or Cryo?
    • Is the cold insouble precipitate recovered from a controlled thaw of FFP.
    • Can be prepared from FFP anytime during 12 months of storage
    • It is the white material that remains
  26. Cryo is suspended in 15mL of plasma and frozen withing 1 hour. How long is it stable and what temp is it frozen?
    • -18
    • up to 1 year
  27. What are the AABB standards for Cryo?
    • Must contain:
    • > 80 lU per unit of Factor VIII
    • Fibrinogen levels must be > 150 mg/unit
  28. What are the AABB standards for Granulocytes?
    • Must contain a minimum of:
    • 1.0x1010 granulocytes in at least 75% of the units tested
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