Trig Midterm

  1. sin2x + cos2x = 1

    A. Pythagorean Identity
  2. 1 + cot2x = csc2x
    a.Pythagorean Identity
    b.Double-Angle Identity
    d.c.Reciprocal Identity
    e.Half-Angle Identity
    f.The Sum and Difference Identity
    a.Pythagorean Identity
  3. 1 + tan2x = sec2x
    a.Pythagorean Identity
    b.Double-Angle Identity
    c.Reciprocal Identity
    d.Half-Angle Identity
    e.The Sum and Difference Identity
    a.Pythagorean Identity
  4. sin2x = 2sinx cosx

    E. Double-Angle Identity
  5. tan2x = (2tan x)/( 1- tan2x)

    A. Double-Angle Identity
  6. Ordered Pair
    If x and y are real numbers, then (x,y) is an ordered pair of real numbers.
  7. Linear equation in two variables
    3x-7y=19 is the standard form
  8. Pythagorean Theorem
    in a right triangle the sum of the lengths of the legs in equal to the square of the length of the hypotenuse.
  9. a2+b2=c2
    Pythagorean Theorem
  10. Distance Formula
    The distance d between the points (x,y) and (x2,y2)
  11. Midpoint Formula
    /frac{x1+x2}{2}, /frac{y1+y2}{2}
  12. The midpoint_______________.
    of the line segment with endpoints (x1,y1) and (x2,y2)
  13. The fixed distance is the ___________.
  14. The given point is the ___________.
  15. The distance formula can be used to write and equation for a circurle with center______ and radius _____.
    • (h,k)
    • r(r>0).
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