English Vocab #18

  1. Malice
    n. a desire or intention to harm others or see them suffer
  2. Malodor
    n. a bad odor
  3. Mammoth
    adj. huge gigantic
  4. Manifest
    v. to make clear or evident to the eye; obvious
  5. Maritime
    adj. near the sea; concerned with navigation or commerce on the sea
  6. Mawkish
    adj. excessively and objectionably sentimental
  7. Mete
    v. to distribute by or as if by measure; to allot
  8. Mogul
    n. a very rich or powerful person; a magnate
  9. Morass
    n. anything that hinders, traps or overwhelms; low-lying, soggy ground
  10. Mottle
    v./adj. to mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors; marked with spots
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English Vocab #18
English Vocab #18