1. What is a lucid dream
    A dream when the dreamer knows that they are dreaming
  2. Narcolepsy
    Sufferer goes into rem sleep at inappropriate times
  3. what is the difference between tolerance and withdrawl
    tolerance is when the user has to take higher doses and withdrawl is when you dont have the drug and it feels uncomfortable.
  4. examples of circadium rhythim
    temperature in the morning rising, blood preassure, production of hormones
  5. what are the three basic categories of phychoactive drugs
  6. what was timothy Leary known for.
    He was a believer of therapuic,spiritual benefits of LSD
  7. What i the diff between physical and phychological dependence?
    Physical is when you physically need the drug and phychological is when you phychologically need it
  8. What is Ivan Pavlov know for?
    classical conditioning
  9. wht is the diff between a conditioned and an unconditioned stimulus
    Unconditioned response is unlearned and conditioned is learned.
  10. what is the difference between a conditioned and unconditioned stimulus
    unconditioned stimulus natuarally gives a response and conditioned has to be triggered.
  11. What is neutral stimulus repeadetly paired with?
    conditioned stimulus
  12. What is behaviorism
    A belief that science should be an objective science and based on observable behavior
  13. What is skinner known for?
    Skinner designed an operant chamber. (skinner box)
  14. fixed radio schedules
    like a buy 10 get 1 free drink coupon
  15. variable ratio schedule
    Like a slot machine provides reinforsement after an unpredictable number of responses
  16. Fixed interval schedule
    like people checking the mail closer to the time that its supposed to come
  17. variable interval schedules
    sounds like "you've got mail" making checking mail more often
  18. What is Ebbinhaus known for?
    he said practice makes perfect
  19. what is the average number of unrelated items that a human being can remember?
  20. what is the difference between iconic memory and echoing memory
    iconic memory is photographic memory and echoing is auditory
  21. what is priming?
    memoryless memory often uncontious
  22. what is repression?
    a belief tha our memory system is self sensored. We repress painful memories
  23. what did Elizabeth Loftus study and what did she conclude
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