Chpater 2

  1. Communication within the neuron
    through the action potential
  2. communication between neurons
    action potential reaches the axon terminal, stimulates the release of neurotransmitters into the synapse
  3. neurons
    transmit info throughout the body
  4. glial cells
    provide structural, nutritional and other support for neurons
  5. dendrites
    DETECT signals from other neurons, sends impulses through the body
  6. Cell body
    integrates incoming information
  7. axon
    carries info from cell body to other neurons
  8. myelin sheath
    speeds up action potential
  9. frontal lobes of brain
    coordinates messages from toher lobes and regulates motor control, speech prodction, and higher functions(thinking, personality..)
  10. parietal lobes
    sensory processing
  11. temporal lobes
    hearing, language comprohension, memory, emotional control
  12. Hindbrain
    • major section of brain
    • lower level fucntions and structures
    • medulla, cerebellum, pons
  13. midbrain
    middle of the brain
  14. forebrain
    higher level functions and structures
  15. what does the forebrain consist of?
    • thalamus
    • hypothalamus
    • limbic system
    • cerebral cortex
  16. corpus callosum
    transfers neural impulses between the brain's left and right hemispheres
  17. chemical messengers (2)
    • neurotransmitters
    • hormones
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