poor listening habbits

  1. pseudo
    pseudo- listening fake listening. you pretend to listen but you dont u nod your head.
  2. stage hog
    stage hog- only listens for that they can talk.
  3. selective listener
    selective lisenter- only wants to hear what they want to hear  ex: intrest in topic.
  4. insulated listener
    insulated listener- will hear anything besides one topic  ex; your with a wrong partner  everybody tells you but you ignore them.
  5. fills in the gap
    fills in the gap- person who actually believes the story ex: they add more info at the end they believe the story you supposly told them.
  6. deffensive listener
    deffensive listener- a person who always feeling like your attacking them. ex: i want to eat that salad .. oh are you calling me fat.
  7. ambusher
    ambusher- someone who always think your wrong.
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poor listening habbits
poor listening habbits