Bio Buzz words

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  1. Bioligy
    the studie of life
  2. Science
    An applied body of knowlge but it is not abslute it is subbject to change
  3. properties of life
    adapt to invierment, produces offspring, and grows
  4. science objectives
    to learn though observation and discovery or testing to discribe that would around us
  5. limitations of Science
    questgens of human values-ethics religion morals
  6. Charicteristics of Observations
  7. science generalizations
    hypotheses, theories, laws
  8. discovery baised science
    in done though obsevering the wrold around them
  9. hypothisis Based Science
    Thesting theries
  10. scientific meathod
    observation, Hypothisis, test, conclusion, comunicate , thoery
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