competent communicator

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    competent communicator

    effective communicator

    appropiate communicator
    effective communicator- you get what you want . ex neighbor and money.

    appropiate communicator- if you dont offend anyone. 
  2. learning
    learning- your communication skills ex: voice body language, eye contact, speed of talking. skills you learn.
  3. large repotoire of skills
    large repotoire of skills-  having alot of good communictions. ex: skype ,emailing, messaging, how to speak clearly.
  4. perform your skills professionally
    perform your skills professionally- ex: trying to write the best  message trying your best at communication skills.
  5. adaptability
    adaptability - known when to send an email when you make a phone call appropiate timing ex: dont text a message or email them  about someone passing away instead call them.
  6. involvement
    involvment- people need to feel  like your involved  in whats happening the conversation.
  7. ampathy-
    ampathy- you feel what the other person is feeling their emotions.( you can not fake ampathy) either you feel it or you dont.
  8. cohnitive- comptexity
    cohnitive- comptexity- you can look at the issue from many diff sides /prospectives.
  9. self - monitering
    self-monitering- paying attention to once own  behavior. a process  and using observation to adjust once behavior ( looking at your self from the outside when you notice something is not correct.)
  10. high self monitering
    high self monitering-   paying attention to how you come across that you forget what you want.
  11. low self monitering
    low self monitering- when you dont care enough of your self ex: drunk ppl loud people  who has no perception about them self no concideration
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