Patho quiz 6- part 2

  1. vestibular apparatus
    sensory organ for body equilibrium
  2. otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  3. allergies
    inflammation of the respiratory mucosa and ocular conjunctiva secondary to environmental antigens
  4. laryngoscopes
    employ fiber-optic technology to access the curved nasopharyngeal passages
  5. audiometers
    devices that generate auditory stimuli
  6. malocculusion
    improper contact between the upper and lower teeth
  7. dental plaque
    bacteria adhered to the tooth surface in the form of a tenacious, nonvisible mass
  8. coryza
    profuse nasal discharge
  9. rapid step test
    detects carbohydrate produced by strep and not by other organisms
  10. croup
    laryngeal spasm characterized by a loud, high-pitched inspiratory sound
  11. desensitization therapy
    allergen infection immunotherapy is useful if the specific allergic trigger can be identified
  12. cholesteatoma
    • mass of keratinizied tissue within the middle ear
    • caused by chronic low-grade otitis media
  13. sensorineural hearing loss
    cochlea and/or auditory nerves are damaged
  14. conductive hearing loss
    external or middle ear are damaged
  15. parotitis
    causes painful swelling of the parotid gland
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