Psychology Chapter 1

  1. what is psychology
    scientificstudy of behavior and mental processes that values empirical evidence and critical thinking
  2. Psychology's Goal
    Describe, explain, predict, and change behavior
  3. structuralism
    focused on consciousness and the sturcture of the mind using introspection
  4. functionalism
    emphasized on consciousness of mental processes in adapting to the environment and practical applications of psychology
  5. MP Psychoanalytical/ dynamic
    emphasizes unconscious processes and unresolved past conflicts
  6. MP Behavioral
    studies on objective, observable, environmental influences on overt behavior
  7. MP humanistic
    Focuses on free will, self- actualization, and human nature as positive growth seeking
  8. MP Cognitive
    Emphasizes thinking, perception, problem solving, memory, language, and information processing
  9. MP Neuroscience/ biopsychology
    studies genetics and biological processes in the brain and other parts of the nervous system
  10. MP evolutionary
    studies natural selection, adaptation and evolution of behavior and mental processes
  11. MP Sociocultural
    focuses on social interaction and cultural detriments of behavior and mental processes
  12. Research methods
    • experimental
    • descriptive
    • correlational
    • biological
  13. dependent variable
    • Experiemental research
    • what the experimenter measures
  14. independent variable
    • experimental research
    • what the experimenter manipulates\
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