Chapter 14

  1. What are interic viruses?
    Infection transmitted via the fecal-oral route
  2. What are respritory viruses?
    Viruses that are inhaled
  3. What are zoonotic viruses?
    Viruses passed from animals to humans
  4. What is an acute infection?
    • A fast acting, infection that is short in duration.
    • Host develops long lasting immunity
  5. What is a persistent infection?
    • An infection that is continually present in the host.
    • Example: HPV, HIV, Herpes
  6. 3 Types of persistent infections:
    • Latent
    • Chronic
    • Slow
  7. What is a latent infection?
    • symptomless period followed by reoccurance
    • particles not detected until reactivation
    • Initial infection and following infection could be different
  8. What is a chronic infection?
    • Virus can be detected at all times
    • Host is always contagious
    • Example: Hep B
  9. What is a slow infection?
    • Gradually increase in amount over time
    • Example: Retroviruses/HIV
  10. What is responsible for most virus induced tumors in humans?
    Double stranded DNA virus's.
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