history- west

  1. - destroyed communal way of life
    - individual farms of 160 acres
    - promoted assimilation through boarding schools
    Dawes Act
  2. - 160 acres
    - Title to the land in 5 years
    Homestead Act
  3. last incident between whites and Native Americans
    wounded knee
  4. - Taking an active role and fighting back
    - Active participants
  5. in charge of maintaining
    reservations and providing Native Americans with supplies
    Bureau of Indian Affairs
  6. tried to escape to Canada – Leader of Nez Perce, lived in Pacific North
    West, (new states) tried to stay out of way of whites because he didn’t want to
    have his people live on a reservation. killed white settlers because they were coming into land
    Chief Joseph
  7. allowed cowboys to take large numbers of cattle to rail centers
    chisolm trail
  8. an invention encouraged the spread of privately owned cattle ranches
    barbed wire
  9. large farms that were operated like factories
    bonanza farm
  10. where the eastern and western links of track met up 
    promontory point
  11. Wrote about frontier and Native Americans.
    frederick jackson turner
  12. Native American school that tried to do away with Native American culture
    Carlisle Indian school
  13. a railroad system that crossed the continental united states
    transcontinental railroad
  14. the new thinking was that instead of removal, treaties, reservations, or war, the government did this
  15. an expression of deepest grief about the loss of Native American way of life
    ghost dance
  16. home built from squares of turf and soil of the prairie stacked up like bricks
    sod house
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