Advance DC 308

  1. What does NFTI stand for?
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  2. What are the Modes of Operation of a NFTI?
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    Thermal and Video Overlay
  3. What are the sources of power for the NFTI?
    • NIMH Battery Pack
    • &
    • AA Alkaline Battery Pack
  4. How many AA Alkaline Battery Pack power the NFTI?
    • 10
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  5. How long will a NFTI last with 10 new AA Alkaline Battery Pack?
    3.05 Hours
  6. How long fully charged with a NIMH Battery Pack will the NFTI last?
    4.85 Hours
  7. How many bars the the NFTI display fully charged or with new batterys?

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  8. Where is the power source bars located on the NFTI?
    Bottom LEFT

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  9. Who uses the NFTI?
    Team Leader
  10. What does the Team Leader do?
    • *Investigate reported fires.
    • *Locate the seat of the fire.
    • *Locate and guide rescuers to injured personnel.
    • *Set and maintain fire boundaries.
    • *Locate ignition sources during fire overhaul. 
  11. What are the Four clases of fire?
    • ALPHA
    • BRAVO
    • DELTA
  12. What does pears stand for?
    • Portable Electric Access Rescue System ( JAWS OF LIFE )
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  13. What is a AFFF Inline Eductor used for?
    Used to Mix AFFF with Firemain
  14. What is the water to AFFF ratio mixture for a AFFF Inline Eductor?
    §94% water 6% AFFF Concentrate Mixing ratio 
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