Italian 42B: BWB People

  1. Frank Viviano
    • -foreign correspondent for the SF Chronprotagonist of the memoir,
    • -trying to piece together his family history in Sicily and in the US
  2. The Monk
    • -Frank's great great grandfather
    • -rebel fighter for Garibaldi, fought in 1848 & 1860, becomes bandit/shamed outlaw after the Risorgimento
  3. Antonina Randazzo "Viviano"
    • -Monk's first wife and his true love
    • -bore him 2 sons, both of which died in infancy
  4. Maria Bommarito Vivano
    • -Monk's second wife whom he didn't love
    • -mother of Gaetano Viviano (grandfather Frank's abusive uncle) and Guiseppe Viviano (grandfather of Frank's dad)
  5. Onorato Evola
    • -cart driver in Monk's murder scene
    • -Monk's cousin and last person he sees before he dies
  6. Domenico Valenti
    • -Monk's sister's godfather who ordered the Monk's killing
    • -great great grandfather of Frank's mom
  7. The Falcon (Gaetano Viviano)
    • -Gaetano Viviano (son of the Monk and second wife Maria)
    • -Sicilian bandit turned store owner/abuserĀ 
  8. Frank (Paolinu) Viviano
    • -Franky's grandfather and namesake
    • -hard working and honest head of Viviano family who was a fruit/veggie wholesaler
    • -orchestrates the end of the Viviano-Valenti feud
  9. Angelina Tocco Viviano
    • -Franky's grandmother,
    • -wife of grandfather Frank
    • -superstitious, dramatic woman
  10. "Tommy" Viviano
    • -Franky's father,
    • -son of Angelina and grandfather Frank
  11. "Prudy" DiGiuseppe Vivino
    • -Franky's mother,
    • -ex wife of Tommy
    • -daughter of Salvatore Digiuseppe/Caterina Cammarata
  12. Antonio Camarata
    • brigand- Franky realizes he has 2 direct connections to the bandit kingdom
    • -franky's great great great great grandfather
  13. Caterina Corrado Cammarata
    Franky's maternal grandmother
  14. Caterina Valenti Corrado
    • -Franky's great great great great grandmother
    • -related to Monk's killer, Domenico Valenti
  15. Mike & Rosalia Cortese
    • -Terrasini family with whom Franky becomes close,
    • -Mike helps Franky become accepted in Sicily as an amici, gain access to resources/info
  16. S.
    • -Franky's editor at the Chronicle
    • -close friend and potential love interest
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