Italian 42B: Historical People

  1. Luigi Galleani
    • -Italian anarchist and labor activist who orchestrated acts of terrorism via his Gallianisti
    •  -believed in the use of violence to eliminate capitalist tyrants
  2. Jacob Riis
    • -photojournalist that shoots immigrant tenements (captures the destitution, misery)
    • -creates air of sentimentality, pity about the immigrant condition
  3. Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti
    -suspected anarchists convicted and executed wrongly for murdering 2 men in an armed robbery (S. Braintree Massachusetts)
  4. Fiorello La Guardia
    • -mayor of NY in 1930s who worked to further immigrants' rights
    • -revitalized NYC's infrastructure, employment system
  5. Benito Mussolini
    • -Fascist dictator of Italy (20s-40s)
    • -destroyed political opposition thru secret police, outlawed labor strikes
  6. Vito Marcantonio
    • -succeeded LaGuardia, democratic socialist
    • -kind, inspirational orator, helped pass civil rights legislation in congress, brought together racial minorities
  7. Mario Puzo
    Italian-American author of the Godfather
  8. Frances Ford Coppola
    • -Director of the Godfather movies
    • -revolutionized film making in gangster
  9. Francesco Vigo
    -Italian-American who aided American forces during Revolutionary War
  10. Giacomo Beltrami
    • -Italian author/explorer
    • -best known for discovering the headwaters of the Mississippi River
  11. Bourbon King Ferdinand
    -Spanish monarch who ruled over Southern Italy/Sicily against whom the risorgimento forces rebelled
  12. Giuseppi Garibaldi
    • -hero of Risorgimento participates in unsuccessful rebellions in 1820 & 1848, travels to south america (heads rebel navy there)
    • -leads exiled Italians to plan next revolution, leads troops into Naples and defeats Bourbons
  13. Anita Garibaldi
  14. Antonio Gramsci
    -Italian writer, political theorist that came up with the theory of hegemony
  15. Attorney General Palmer
    • -Galleanisti attempt to assassinate him
    • -campaigned against radicalism
  16. Carlo Tresca
    • -most important Italian radical in US,
    • -owned 3 italian language newspapers
    • -major strike leader and labor activist organizer
  17. Frank Parmenter and Alex Bardardelli
  18. Fred Moore
    -left wing labor lawyer initially defending Sacco & Vanzetti (knows they won't get a fair trial)
  19. Judge Webster Thayer
    • -completely partial anglo-saxon judge presiding over the Sacco & Vanzetti case
    • -anti-anarchy
    • -unfairly convicted them, overturned all appeals, sentenced them to death
  20. Judge Giovanni Falcone
    • -judge in Palermo, spent most of his life trying to understand and overthrow the Mafia in Sicily
    • -killed eventually by the Mafia, who bombed his car
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