editing definitions test4

  1. Obsequious
    showing too great a willingness to serve or obey; fawning
  2. Onerous
  3. Opulence
    extremely wealthy; luxurious
  4. Orifice
    an opening
  5. Oxymoron
    a figure of speech in which opposite/contradictory ideas/terms are combined
  6. Pandemic
    prevalent over a whole area, country; universal; general
  7. Parameter
    perimeter boundary; limit/outer boundary
  8. Parlay
    to exploit successfully
  9. Paucity
    scarcity; dearth
  10. Penultimate
    next to the last
  11. Perfidy
    the deliberate breaking of faith; betrayal of trust; treachery
  12. Perfunctory
    done without care or interest or merely as a form of routine; superficial
  13. Plethora
    overabundance; excess
  14. Prurient
    having or expressing lustful ideas or desires
  15. Rite
    ceremonial, formal act or procedure in accordance with prescribed rule
  16. Recalcitrant
    refusing to obey authority; stubbornly defiant
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editing definitions test4
editing definitions test4