NCLEX- Vitamins, minerals and supplements

  1. Ferous Sulfate (Feosol)
    Provide supplemental iron for RBC development. Tx of Iron deficiency anemia.

    Because Iron is poorly absorbed, large amounts must be ingested.
  2. What's one of the main adverse effects w/ Iron?
    GI distress (nausea, constipation, heartburn)
  3. An increse in how much hemoglobin is expected after 1 month of Iron supplements?
  4. What vitamin increases the absorption of iron?
    Vit C
  5. How should a pt take iron for maximum absorption?
    Take Iron on an empty stomach 1 hour before eating.
  6. Megaloblast (macrocytic) anemia is related to what vitamin deficiency?
    Vitamin B12
  7. What are signs of Vit B 12 defieciency?
    Beefy red tongue, pallor, and neuropathy
  8. What kind of anemia is it called when the pt lack INTRINSIC FACTOR to absorb vit B 12 ?
    Pernicious anemia.
  9. What does the Schilling test monitor for?
    The cause for B12 deficiency
  10. What is Folic acid supplements used for?
    Tx of megaloblastic (macrocytic) anemia s/c folic acid deficiency.

    prevention of neural tube defects

    Tx of absorption syndrome such as Sprue
  11. What foods are high in Folic Acid?
    Green leefy vegetables and Liver
  12. What can cause deficient Folic acid in the bodya?
    Alcohol abuse.
  13. Folate levels should be around what?
    6 to 15 mcg/ml
  14. K supplements can cause GI distress when taken, how should the nurse instruct the pt taking these supplements?
    Take med w/ meals or full glass of water. Pts should not dissolve the tablet in the mouth because oral ulceration will develop.
  15. K supplements are contraindicated in who?
    Pts who have renal disease.
  16. Giving K though an infusion pump, the pump should never exceed what rate?
    10 Meq/ hr.
  17. Giving k IV, what is important to consider regarding the clients veins?
    K is very irritating to the veins. Monitor for phlebitis.
  18. What drug is given for mg sulfate toxicity?
    Ca gluconate
  19. What Herbal supplement is toxic to the liver?
    Kava Kava. (used for sedative effect)
  20. What is the purpose of feverfew?
    Possibly works by blocking a factor necessary to cause migraines.
  21. Ginko Biloba causes vasodilation throughout the body and is sometimes taken to improve memory. This should be used w/ caution with what other drugs?
    NSAIDS, warfarin and coumadin because it Ginko Bilboa can thin the blood
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NCLEX- Vitamins, minerals and supplements
NCLEX- Vitamins, minerals and supplements