QM 215 chapter 9

  1. Statistics-
    Body of methods dealing with the correction description analysis and interpretation of data
  2. Descriptive stat-
    the use of tables graphs and numerical measures to display data
  3. Inferential Statistics-
    use of sample information to learn about a population
  4. Sample-
    a portion of a population, chosen by means of a simple random sample
  5. Simple random sample-
    • selected in such a way that every item in the sample population has an
    • equal opportunity to be included
  6. Population-
    the total set or group of items about which information is desired
  7. Census-
    Measures the entire population
  8. Quantitative variable-
    • variable who’s values are numbers, that result from a count or a
    • Measurement
  9. Qualitative variable-
    Values are categories or classifications, and usually expressed in words
  10. Testing-
    hold out a certain value and test (could the population proportion be .60)
  11. Confidence interval-
    one of the two forms of estimation. A prediction/estimate of a population value, for example the population proportion or the population mean, that consists of the range of values and the level of confidence which is the probability that that the interval encompasses or contains the population value
  12. Estimation-
    estimates the value of a population parameter
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