history quiz 12 A-B

  1. what were the few roads in the early 1800's made of and what did these roads connect
    dirt and major cities
  2. T or F - There were many roads in the south compared to the north
    False, they had fairly good water transportation
  3. What was "The Great Wagon Road" originally named, who used it, and where did it run
    "The Great Warrior path," Five Nations of Iroquois, and it ran North and South along the western slope of the Appalachian Mountains 
  4. Who took control of the Great Wagon Road 1774, how did they take it, and who would use it
    Britain, through a treaty, and thousands of settlers 
  5. Who hired who to cut through the wilderness later to be named The Wilderness Trail, what was the firsts job, and how many miles of road was attributed to the first.
    Richard Henderson, Daniel Boone, a land speculator, and 200 miles
  6. How much land was bought to build the Wilderness Road and where did it end
    20 mil acres and in a town named Boonesborough
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history quiz 12 A-B