1. 1. Round about on Short Box (Abs w/ob focus)
    • All Springs, 2nd gear
    • Sitting on short box with back straight, feet under strap, knees at 90, arms overhead with pole
    • I: Twist spine and lean back on diagonal
    • X: Rotate to other side and return to center

    • VC: Sitz bones on box at all times. Shribs and TA's
    • M: Add foam pad on foot for security
  2. 2. Climb a Tree (Abs) 6 Breathes
    • All springs, 2nd gear, use foot strap
    • Can use long or short box (use long box at first)
    • Sitting straight with one knee bent into chest, other foot under strap and bent at 90
    • I: Prepare
    • X: Pump knee into chest 3x.
    • I: Straighten leg while holding ankle
    • X: Walk hands down leg staying in flexion
    • I: Lean back and circle arms over head (thoracic ext)
    • X: Curl up into flexion
    • I: Walk hands up straight leg and return to start
  3. 3. Backstroke on Long Box (Abs)
    • 1B
    • Supine on long box in flexion, shoulders at edge, legs tabletop, hold straps in hands in "dead bug"
    • Dead bug: Hands resting on forehead, palms up, elbows wide to side.
    • I: Extend amrs and legs traight up to ceiling
    • X: Circle both arms and legs out and around to start.

    • VC: Just do the movement first, then add straps
    • VC: "Snow Angel", "Finish the picture" arms don't go way back.
  4. 4. Teaser on Long Box (Abs, trunk stabl)
    • 1R
    • Lying supine on long box, legs straight at 60, shoulder blades at edge of box
    • Hold straps in hands with arms reaching overhead
    • I: Circle arms out and around while rolling up to a "teaser" position, palms facing up and arms reaching forward.
    • X: Reverse movement to roll down.

    • V: Can do in 4 breathes: I: Prepare, X: sit up to teaser, I: hold, X: lower back to start
    • VC: Legs should not move, only upper body rise to meet lower body. Spot client!!!
  5. 5. Semi-Circle (Abs, hams, spine art, hip ex. strength)
    • 1R+1B
    • Lying supine, shoulders at bottom of carriage, arms fully extended, hands on shoulder rest.
    • Toes on footbar in V w/pelvis lefted in pelvic curl.
    • I: Prepare
    • X: Articulate spine down, keep carriage in, at bottom of curl, hips are off the carriage and butt is touching springs
    • I: Extend legs straight, keep hips off carriage.
    • X: Recruit abs to articulate spine up to pelvic curl w/straight legs.
    • I: Bend knees and return carriage to start position.

    • VC: Awesome quad stretch.
    • MOD: After 3 to 5, reverse direction
  6. 5b. Semi Circle continued (reverse direction)
    • 1R+1B
    • Supine, w/shoulders at bottom of cariage, arms fully extended, hands at the shoulder rest.
    • toes on footbar in V with pelvis low and butt skimming springgs.
    • I: Prepare
    • X: artociate spine up to pelvic curl, keep carriage in
    • I: Extend legs straight
    • X: Recruit abs to articulate spine back down so butt is almost touching springs w/straight legs.
    • I: Bend knees and return carriage to start.

    VC: Referrred to as "Butt off"
  7. 6. Knees Off (Quads, core control, scap stab, hip strength)
    • 1R+1B
    • Stand on carriage feet at shoulder rests on balls.
    • Hands on footbar, shoulder width apart, lumbar spine fexion, knees are bend and close to carriage.
    • I: Push carriage back by straightening legs.
    • X: Recruit abs to bend knees in bringing carriage back to stopper.

    VC: Shribs and TA's
  8. 7. Full Lunge Stretch ( Hams, hip flexor both flexibility)
    • 1R
    • Place one foot against shoulder rest and other on bar, front knee bent at 90 directly over ankle.
    • I: Prepare and Start w/hip flexor stretch on side with straight leg.
    • X: Straighten bent knee for hamstring stretch keeping hips in straight plane.
    • I: Return carriage to startingg position.

    VC: Cervical alignment, keep head in line with spine.
  9. 8. Single leg Skating (Glutes and hip abductor strength, quad strength)
    • 1R standard
    • 1G heavy
    • Standing on platform one foot, other on edge of carriage, feet parallel, big toes in line. Weight on platform leg.
    • Hands on hips or low back. Back straight, deep squat
    • I: Prepare
    • X: Push carriage out with outside of hips of single leg, platform leg still bent.
    • I: Return to start position with control

    • VC: Outside of hips, ddper squat, flat back.
    • V: Round back w/hands in low 1st.
    • V: Add hand weights or arm choreography.
    • Note: Hip replacement, never go across midline
  10. 9. Skating (Glutes and hip abductor strength, quad strength and balance)
    • 1R standard
    • 1G Heavy
    • Standing on platform one foot, other on edge of carriage, knees pronated, big toes in line. Hands on hips or low back. Back straight, eyes looking straight ahead.
    • I: Prepare
    • X: Push carriage out straightening both legs, keeping weight of body evenly between legs.
    • I: Return cariage pronating knees back to start

    • VC: Both legs push. Head should stay same height throughout.
    • Notes: Great for jacked up ankles
    • V: Both feet (sculling/swizzles) on edges
  11. 10. Stomach Massage w/Rotation (Back extensors)
    • 1R+1B
    • Sit on carriage, face footbar, toes on bar in V, heeps together.
    • Arms reaching up on a diagonal with palms down to start. Spine is straight
    • I: Prepare
    • X: Extend legs dropping heels under bar and reaching one arm down and around rotating spine to look at back wall. Hand is extended up to shoulder height.
    • I: Bend knees and reach arm down and around to return to start. Repeat other side.

    VC: Keep both sitz bones on carriage
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