ch. 5 maternity

  1. Ruben's research
    • identified maternal tasks that women go through while pregnant.
    • -safe passage way for herself and the child through birth.
    • -social acceptance of the child
    • -bonding with the child
    • -mothers willingness to sacrifice for the child.
  2. Linderman's 7 dimensions of maternal role development
    • -acceptance of pregnancy
    • -identification with the motherhood role
    • -relationship to her mother
    • -reordering her relationship with husband or partner
    • -preparation for labor
    • -prenatal fear of loss of control in labor
    • -prenatal fear of loss of self esteem in labor
  3. parity
    multigravidas have more experience but still need help with the whole process
  4. 3 phases that fathers experience
    • -announcement phase-lasts a few hours to several weeks
    • -moratorium phase-put the thought away fro a while, sexual adaptation, acceptance of pregnancy
    • -focusing phase-in last trimester, actively involved with pregnancy, think of themselves as fathers plan for labor
  5. cauvade syndrome
    condition to which men may experience pregnancy symptoms and discomforts similar to their pregnant partner
  6. prescriptive behavior
    expected behavior of the pregnant woman during the child bearing period
  7. restrictive behavior
    activities during childbearing period that are limited for the pregnant woman
  8. taboos
    cultural restrictions believed to have serious supernatural consequences
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