Barron 8.3

  1. cessation
    N. stoppage. The airline's employees threatened a cessation of all work if management failed to meet their demands. cease,V.
  2. cession
    N. yielding to another; ceding. The cession of Alaska to the United States is discussed in this chapter.
  3. chafe
    V. warm by rubbing; make sore (by rubbing). Chilled, he chafed his hands before the fire. The collar of his school uniform chafed Tom's neck, but not as much the school's strict rules chafed his spirit. also N.
  4. chaff
    N. worthless products of an endeavor. When you separate the wheat from the chaff, be sure you throw out the chaff.
  5. chaffing
    ADJ. bantering; joking. Sometimes Chad's flippant, chaffing remarks annoy us. Still, Chad's chaffing keeps us laughing. also N.
  6. chagrin
    N. vexation (caused by humiliation or injured pride); disappointment. Embarrassed by his parents' shabby, working-class appearance, Doug felt their visit to his school would bring him nothing but chagrin. Someone filled with chagrin doesn't grin: he's too mortified.
  7. chalice
    N. goblet; consecrated cup. In a small room adjoining the cathedral, many ornately decorated chalices made by the most famous European goldsmiths were on display.
  8. chameleon
    N. lizard that changes color in different situations. Like the chameleon, he assumed the political thinking of every group he met.
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