Slang Chp.10

  1. Executive Order 9981
    • equality for all races, religions, or national Origins in the armed services
    • President Harry s. truman
  2. Dixiecrats
    the third party in the 1948 election in response to truman's support of civil rights
  3. Southern Manifesto
    a  response to the supreme court order to intergrate schools with deliberate speed.
  4. Brown v. board of education
    the 1954 landmark case that ruled that segragation in the public school was unconsititutional and violated the 14th amendment.
  5. De Facto Segregation
    separation of racial groups not by law but fact
  6. De Jure Segregation
    Separation of racial groups by law
  7. Rose Parks
    sparked the bus boycott and the civil rights movement in Montgomery Alabama in 1955 because she refused to give up her seat to a white man.
  8. Mongomerty inprovement Association
    Organized to run the bus boycott and presided over by Martin luther king. Jr.
  9. Little Rock Nine
     African American students who intergrated central high school in 1957
  10. Civil Disobedience
    • Nonviolent passive resistance
    • A protest strategy where resistance to unjust laws or government is undertaken in a nonviolent public way.
  11. Civil Rights Act 1957
    Federal legislation intended to protect voting rights for african americans and established the commission on civil rights.
  12. Civil Rights Act 1964
    the landmark legislation that outlawed discrmination in most  public employment opportunity commission as a permanent agency.
  13. Civil Rights Act 1968
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