Final Exam- Reproductive System

  1. Which of the following is false about spermatogenesis?

    B) the process starts with primary spermatocytes (starts with spermatogonia)
  2. Produces and secretes physically mature spermatozoa

    D) testes
  3. Nurse cells are stimulated by

    A) FSH
  4. Oogenesis ________ at puberty

    D) accelerates (ends at menopause)
  5. The cells of Leydig

    A) produce androgens (most importantly testosterone)
  6. Are large, interstitial cells

    A) cells of Leydig
  7. A membranous compartmant at the tip of the sperm that contains enzymes essential to fertilization

    D) Acrosomal cap
  8. Capacitation is

    D) when sperm is present in the female reproductive tract so that it can fertilize the egg
  9. Oogenesis begins

    B) before birth
  10. Explain the process of oogenesis
    Image Upload 1
  11. The termination of uterine cycles is known as

    B) menopause (ages 45-55)
  12. What triggers the start of the ovarian cycle during puberty?

    C) rising FSH levels
  13. Is an important hormone in oogenesis and spermatogenesis

    A) FSH
  14. Is an important hormone in ovulation and production of the corpus leuteum and testosterone

    A) LH
  15. During menopause

    D) your follicles are insensitive to FSH
  16. Pages 1062-1063 in book for different ovarian phases (yay!)
  17. Thick, outer, muscular wall of the uterus

    A) myometrium
  18. Thin, inner glandular layer of the uterine wall

    A) endometrium
  19. During menstration, the ______________ is shed

    A) endometrium (or endometrial lining)
  20. Fertilization occurs

    C) in the uterine tubes
  21. hcG

    C) all of these
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