Prenatal development

  1. Define embryology
    the study  of prenatal development from conception to birth
  2. describe the implantation period
    • from zygote to blastocyst
    • lasts 1 week
    • fertilization and implantation
  3. describe embryonic period
    • 2nd week to 8th week
    • blastocyst to disc to embryo
    • induction
    • proliferation
    • differentiation
    • morphogenesis
    • maturation
  4. describe the fetal period
    • 3rd month to 9th month
    • embryo to fetus
    • maturation of existing structures
  5. What teratogens are involved in congenital malformations?
    • Drugs
    • infections
    • chemicals¬†
    • radiation
  6. what happens in the 1st week(2nd week of pregnancy) of the embryonic period?
    • induction
    • proliferation
    • differentiation
    • morphogenesis
    • maturation
  7. what happens in the 2nd week of the embryonic period?
    the bilaminar disc appears and the placenta is formed
  8. What happens in the 3rd week of the embryonic period?
    • primitive streak forms
    • bilaminar disc becomes trilaminar
    • mesoderm is formed
    • anatomical structures become apparent
    • head and tail appear
    • CNS develops
  9. What cells differentiate from the ectoderm?
  10. The neural plate deepens to become the?
    neural groove
  11. What cells develop from the neuroectoderm?
    neural crest cells
  12. What cells undergo differentiation and are involved in the development of the face and oral tissues?
    neural crest cells
  13. What layer of cells are considered the 4th embryonic layer?
    The neural crest cells
  14. In the end of 3rd week, mesoderm differentiates and divides into paired cuboidal aggregates of cells called?
  15. What structures give rise to the most skeletal structures of the head, neck, trunk, muscle and dermis of the skin?
    somites that derived from neural crest cells
  16. What is the embryonic connective tissue called?
  17. What happens in the 4th week of the embryonic period?
    • disc folds into the embryo
    • the foregut, midgut, hindgut forms
  18. what are 2 developmental abnormalities in the preimplantation period?
    • down syndrome
    • ectopic pregnancy
  19. What are some developmental abnormalities in the embryonic period?
    • syphilis
    • fetal alcohol syndrome
    • spinal bifida
  20. What is an example of an developmental development in the fetal period?
    tetracycline staining
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