Cathodic Protection, Visual Landing Aids, Engineering Plant Maintenance, Operations, and Inspection

  1. What protection system is installed to reduce corrosion or deterioration of a ship’s hull in seawater?
  2. What is the electrolyte in a cathodic protection system?
  3. Which of the following factors is used to determine the amount of corrosion on a hull?
    1. The temperature of the seawater 2. The resistivity of the seawater 3. Stray electrical currents 4. Each of the above
  4. What is the specified replacement period for the sacrificial type of anode?
    3 years
  5. What components are installed to protect valves and the sea chest?
    Steel waster pieces
  6. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of sacrificial anodes?
    Reduced noise level around the hull
  7. What material is used to make the impressed current cathodic protection system anodes?
    A platinum-coated rod
  8. What is the current rating of a 4-foot anode?
    75 Amps
  9. As used with cathodic protection systems, the shaft grounding assembly grounds which of the following components?
    The propeller shafts
  10. What is the purpose of the large loop placed in a rudder grounding strap?
    To permit full rotation of the rudder stock
  11. What is the voltage range developed between a disconnected platinum anode and the hull?
    1.0 to 2.0 Vdc
  12. What is the optimum polarization range of the ships hull-to-reference electrode potential?
    -0.80 to -0.90 Vdc
  13. Which of the following components make(s) up the visual landing aids (VLAs) aboard air-capable ships?
    1. Lighting 2. Approach aid 3. Deck markings 4. All of the above
  14. Which of the following phrases describes the stabilized glide slope indicator (GSI) system?
    An electrohydraulic optical landing aid 
  15. The GSI functions in which of the following ways?
    The reference light mounted inside the GSI is kept steady as the ship moves, allowing the pilot to land safely
  16. The stabilized GSI platform receives its reference signal to remain level from
    • the ship’s navigation gyro 
    • (i think)
  17. The GSI hydraulic pump supplies oil to the hydraulic actuator at what specific pressure?
    1,400 psi 
  18. Which of the following components are contained in the GSI lamp house assembly?
    1. Three source lights 2. A vent fan 3. An optical lens 4. All of the above
  19. The homing beacon is (a) what color lamp mounted on (b) what component?
    white, located on the mast
  20. Of the lists shown below, which one indicates the three colors of the GSI light bars?
    Red, green, and amber
  21. Edge lights are red omnidirectional lamps that can be seen in any direction above deck level.
  22. What color are the line-up lights?
  23. Which of the following documents is/are considered legal records?
    1. Engineering Log 2. Engineer’s Bell Book 3. Both 1 and 2 above
  24. Which of the following is information that should be entered in the Engineering Log?
    1. Injuries to personnel within the department 2. Mileage steamed for the day and fuel expended3. Major speed changes and average hourly rpm 4. Each of the above
  25. The responsibility for the daily verification of the accuracy and completeness of the Engineering Log rests with the
    Engineering Officer
  26. The responsibility for making entries in the Bell Book rest with the
  27. Neat corrections and erasures are permitted in the Engineer’s Bell Book if they are made only by the person required to sign the record for the watch and if the change is neatly initialed in the margin of the page.
  28. For a list of the engineering records that must be kept permanently, you would refer to what publication?
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