GI Review

  1. Primary function of GI tract:
    • Ingestion and propulsion of food
    • Digestion
    • Absorption
    • Elimination
  2. Appetite center is in the....
  3. Digestion of food begins in the ....
  4. Small intestines primary functions
    digestion and ABSORPTION
  5. What's absorption?
    the transfer of the end products of digestion across the intestinal wall to the circulation.
  6. Where does absorption occur?
  7. What's the large intestines job?
    • absorb water and electrolytes
    • form poop with the waste
  8. Livers job....
    • Clean our blood of bacteria and toxins.
    • Helps with metabolic function, bile synthesis¬† Stores glycogen and vitamins
  9. How does the Pancrease help with digestion?
    Secretes enzymes
  10. What am I assessing when I percuss the abdomen?
    • presence of fluid
    • distention
    • masses
  11. If you have fluid of masses what will the percussion sound like?
    Dull....short high pitched sound
  12. Obstipation
    severe constipation and you dont have gas and no stool is being expelled
  13. Muslims wipe with their......hand?
  14. Before you remove a fecal impaction ask pt....
    if they have any cardiac dysrhythmias.

    Bradycardia from stim of vagus nerve.

    Monitor HR before and during procedure
  15. Diarrhea is caused by...
    viral, bacterial or parasitic factors
  16. How do you get diarrhea?
    • Infectious organism alters secretion/absorption of the enterocytes of the small intestine without causing inflammation.
    • OR
    • Absorption is impaired by destroying cells and producing inflammation in the colon.

    Either way....absorption doesnt happen!!!
  17. How does eating too much carbs cause diarrhea?
    They are hard to digest, so you get osmotic diarrhea which promotes rapid transit and prevents absorption of fluid and electrolytes
  18. Fecal intontinence
    involuntary passage of stool due to the sphincter and rectal floor muscles not working right.

    • Can be from child birth
    • Neurologic issues
    • Inflamed bowels
    • Meds
  19. Foods that stimulate GI motility
    • alcohol
    • caffeine
    • high sugar content
    • corn
    • broccoli
    • sugar alcohols
  20. #1 food that causes illness
    green leafy.....salads!!!
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