MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 3

  1. Impeach
    Take away credibility of a story by showing a contradictory deposition
  2. in personam Jurisdiction
    obtaining jurisdiction over the defendant and making them come to the court
  3. in rem Jurisdiction
    state is given territorial jurisdiction over property of a party that is in the state; that property becomes part of the lawsuit
  4. Interrogatories
    Written questions served on the opposing party; limited to number of answers for which you can ask
  5. Judgement Notwithstanding the Verdict (judgement n.o.v.)
    judge's reversal of the jury's verdict if they determine the moving party is entitled to judgement as a matter of law; may also grant a new trial
  6. Jurisdiction
    power of a court to hear and decide certain types of cases
  7. Litigation
    filing of a lawsuit in order to have issues resolved by the courts
  8. Mediation
    bringing in a third party to reach agreement and relieve stress between both parties
  9. Motion for New Trial
    losing party can file for one; have to have a very good legal reason for the judge to start it all over again
  10. Negotiation
    alternative to litigation, often informal; meant to reach an outside agreement
  11. Oral Argument
    both parties have a limited time to orally persuade the appellate judges that they are correct
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MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 3
MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 3