MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 2

  1. Counterclaim
    allows defendant to be a plaintiff against actual plaintiff in an independent suit; allows parties to settle all claims at once
  2. Court of Appeals
    judges must have at least ten years experience as an attorney; hear both civil and criminal appeals; will either hear a case en banc or with small panels
  3. Cross-Action
    filed to bring in a third party to the lawsuit
  4. Default Judgment
    plaintiff entitled to use this if defendant doesn't file answer; plaintiff gets everything they ask for
  5. Defendant
    the party that is sued
  6. Depositions
    Oral testimony of witnesses before attorneys of the parties and a court reporter
  7. Directed Verdict
    motion by defendant to get case dismissed based on plaintiff not providing enough proof through evidence; usually not successful
  8. Discovery
    Pretrial process by which each party obtains information from the opposing party or some third party with relevant information; depositions, interrogatories, requests for admissions, production of documents
  9. District Court
    can cover one or more counties, now created by Texas statute; handles exclusive appellate and original jurisdiction of all action, proceedings, and remedies unless exclusive jurisdiction is given to another court as well as civil cases above $500,000
  10. en banc
    consisting of all of the judges
  11. Federal Questions
    having to do with things that call federal legislation and rules into question
  12. Forum Shopping
    act of attorneys trying to find the right district to file suit under for jurisdiction's sake
  13. Hearsay
    Testimony that is not firsthand knowledge of the situation in question
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MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 2
MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 2