MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 1

  1. Administrative Law Judges (ALJ)
    hear cases that are brought by an agency against alleged violators of agency rules
  2. Adversarial System
    both parties provide their arguments to an impartial party, usually a judge or jury
  3. Affirmative Defenses
    legal defenses that must be proven by the defendant
  4. Answer
    response to complaint, usually must be filed within 20 days
  5. Appeal
    getting the decision reviewed by an appellate court after dissatisfaction with the loss of a case; must submit a list of alleged errors
  6. Appellee
    non-appealing party that files a brief response trying to show the appellant is incorrect
  7. Arbitration
    third party makes decision that is legally binding and assigns certain parts to each side; not easily appealed by any means
  8. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
    necessary in criminal court to prove liability
  9. Brief
    list of alleged errors committed in a trial
  10. Complaint
    also called a petition; filed by plaintiff and begins lawsuit; must allege facts necessary to establish jurisdiction and provide a short statement of the ultimate facts to be proved, applicable law, and remedy requested
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MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 1
MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 1