Psych 101: Chapter 9

  1. Motive
    A hypothetical state within an organism that propels the organism toward a goal
  2. Need
    A state of deprivation
  3. Drive
    A condition of arousal in an organism that is associated with a need
  4. Physiological drives
    Unlearned drives with biological basis, such as hunger, thirst, and avoidance of pain
  5. Incentive
    an object, person, or situation perceived as being capable of satisfying a need
  6. Instinct
    an inherited disposition to activate specific behavior patterns that are designed to reach certain goals
  7. Drive-reduction theory
    the view that organisms learn to engage in behaviors that have the effect of reducing drives
  8. self-actualization
    according to Maslow and other humanistic psychologists, self-initiated striving to become what one is capable of being
  9. Maslow's hierarchy of needs
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  10. Theoretical explanation of emotions: James-Lange
    External stimulus

    Arousal and action

    Appraisal of arousal and actions

    Experiencing the specific emotion
  11. Theoretical explanation of emtions: Cannon-bard
    External stimulus

    Processing by brain

    Arousal and actions; experiencing the emotion
  12. Theoretical explanation of emotions: cognitive appraisal
    external stimulus; physiological arousal

    interpretation of arousal according to siuation

    experiencing the emotion
  13. What does scarcity breed?
    scarcity breeds aggression
  14. Natural scarcity I
    primary reinforcers: food, shelter air, things that keeps us alive
  15. Natural scarcity II
    secondary reinforcers: learned reinforcers; materialistic items, doesn't keep us alive
  16. Emotion diagram (lecture)
    • A. Sensation
    •   1. past experiences (doesn't have to be direct)
    •   2. on going motives
    •   3. present emotional state (how you are feeling prior to the sensation, not how it makes you feel)

    • B. Perception
    • your body physically change:
    • frontal lobe=hypothalamus=pituitary gland=emotion

    • C. Emotion
    • response to perception
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