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  1. Abdomen
    large space between ribs and diaphragm above and pelvis below
  2. abortion
    the ending of pregnancy and the expulsion of the foetus
  3. achilles tendon
    the large tendon at the back of the lower leg attaching the calf muscles to the heel
  4. acute
    term to describe a sudden illness of short duration and sometimes of considerable severity
  5. adrenaline
    • Hormon secreted by the adrenal gland.
    • Stimulates the sympathetic nervous system an by doing this it increases heart action, blood pressure and relaxes bowl activity and the muscles round the air tubes
  6. Alcoholism
    Addiction to and dependence on alcoholic drinks
  7. Amnesia
    Loss of memory
  8. Anabolism
    The process by which more complex chemical substances are built up in the body from simpler ones.
  9. Aneursym
    The swelling of a blood vessel, together with the weakening of its wall.
  10. Anaemia
    Reduction in the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes).
  11. Arteriosclerosis
    Thickening of the wall and narrowing of the channel of arteries, accompanied by a loss of elasticity.
  12. Artery
    Any blood vessel which carries blood away from the heart towards the other parts of the body.
  13. Arthritis
    Inflammation of a joint.
  14. Benign
    This is said of a mild (minor) illness which is unlikely to worsen or to recur. A benign tumour will not disseminate (spread) in the body.
  15. B.i.d.
    Abbreviation on a prescription which means twice a day. From latin `bis in die'.
  16. Biopsy
    The removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic examination as an aid to diagnosis.
  17. Blood pressure
    The pressure with which the heart pumps the blood into the arteries.
  18. Breech delivery
    The birth of a baby with the buttocks first, instead of the normal birth with the head appearing first (vertex delivery).
  19. Cancer
    Malignant tumour
  20. Cardiology
    The study of the heart and its diseases.
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