1. Saint Pauls Girls School TA
    L Luxemburg Gardens Bute Gardens L Wolverton Garden
  2. Chelsea Wharf
    Lots Road
  3. Cock Tavern EC1
    East Poultry Avenue
  4. Mr Buckleys
    Hackney Rd Next R Warner Place
  5. Westway Sport Centre
    Crowthorne Road
  6. Abney Park Cemetery TA
    L Manor Rd, L Listria Pk, R Martaban Rd, R Listria Pk, R Manor Rd,
  7. Yum Yum Restaurant TA
    R&R Garnham Cl F Lawrence Blds R Broke Rd r stk Newington H St
  8. Village Bar N10
    Muswell Hill
  9. Bubbledogs
    Charlotte Street
  10. Pollards Row
    Old Bethnal Green Road/Bethnal Green Road
  11. Sheldrake Place
    Duchess of Bedfords Walk
  12. Saddlers Hall
    Gutter Lane
  13. H Forman and Sons
    Stour Road/Fish Island L Bream St R Dace rd L Monier Rd
  14. Carleton Road to Parkhurst rd
    R Crayford Road L Cardwell Rd R Chambers Rd L Parkhurst Rd
  15. C London Restaurant
    Davies Street/Cipriani Restaurant
  16. Crofton Leisure Centre seting it
    Chudleigh Road L Bexhill Rr Manwood rd L Sinclair Place
  17. Forge Restaurant & Bar
    Floral Street
  18. Gosfield Street
    Langham Street/New Cavendish Street
  19. Association of Anaesthetists Ta
    Portland Place L New Cavendish St L Duches Mews L Duches St
  20. Bridge Academy
    Laburnum Street/Hagerston Road
  21. China White
    Winsley Street
  22. Schonfield Square
    Lordship Road
  23. Spencer Rise
    York Rise/Dartmouth Park Hill
  24. Robert Peel PH
    Malden Road
  25. Wilton Music Hall Leave
    Wellclose Square L Fletcher St L Cable st R Backchurch Ln
  26. Boundary Gardens
    Arnold Circus
  27. Nelsons Row
    Clapham High Street in Clapham Park rd Triangle Plc
  28. Tothenham Lesuire Cent Ta
    LOL Philip Ln L Clyde R Comp Clyde Circus Clyde Rd
  29. L Lawrance Rd L West Green Rd R Westerfield Rd L Sevensisters Rd
  30. Seven Sisters Station TA
    LOL Seven Sisters Rd L Suffield Rd L West Green Rd L Westerfield Rd
  31. Clyde Circus
    Clyde Road
  32. Whitelands House
    Cheltenham Terrace
  33. London Capital Club
    Abchurch Lane
  34. Bodygurad
  35. Wandsworth Preparatory School
    Allfarthing Lane Coming from Geraldine rd left SDOL
  36. Westside FC/Westside Church
    Allfarthing Lane Coming from Geraldine rd left SDOL
  37. Rotherhithe Ambulance Station
    Ann Moss Way
  38. Essex Villas
    Argyll Road/Philimore Gardens in By Argyll rd only
  39. Gem Bar W1
    Beak Street
  40. Belsize Square Synagogue
    Belsize Square
  41. Culford Gardens
    Blackland Terrace/Cadogan Gardens
  42. Sutton Dwellings SW3
    Cale Street
  43. Gales Restaurant
    Cale Street / Markham Street
  44. International Magic Shop
    Clarkenwell Road
  45. Base2stay Kensington
    Courtfield Gardens
  46. Grifin Sports Ground
    Dulwich Village SDOR Coming from Redpost Hill
  47. Bath House Apartments
    Dunbridge Street/Repton Boys Club
  48. Arbutus Restaurant
    Frith Street
  49. 86 Restaurant
    Fulham Road
  50. Wild Street
    Great Queen Street/Kemble Street
  51. Lucas Square
    Hampstead Way
  52. Peck's Yard
    Hanbury Street
  53. Honky Tonk Bar & Restaurant
    Hollywood Road
  54. il Trillo Restaurant
    Hollywood Road
  55. Santa Lucia Retaurant
    Hollywood Road
  56. Matchmakers Wharf
    Homerton Road
  57. Tallis Street
    John Carpenter Street/Temple Avenue
  58. The Lister Hospital Outpatients Department
    Kings Road
  59. Worlds End Distillery PH
    Kings Road
  60. Essex Villas TA
    Leave by Philimore Gardens L Stafford Ter R Argyll Rd
  61. Channel 5 TV
    Lower Thames St/Northern Shell Building
  62. Old York Road to East Hill
    Lve By Ebner St R Fulerton St R Alma Street L East Hill
  63. Northern Ireland Office
    Millbank/Thames hse
  64. First Street
    Mossop Street/Walton Street
  65. Q Bar W1
    New Burlington Street
  66. Toulouse Lautrec Brasserie & Wine Bar
    Newington Butts
  67. Troubadour Club
    Old Brompton Road
  68. Bezier Apartments
    Old Street/City Road
  69. Ovington Square
    Ovington Gardens/Walton Street
  70. Singing in the Rain
    Palace Theatre/Cambridge Circus
  71. Le Chinos Restaurant
    Pavilion Road/Knithsbridge Hotel
  72. Tinello Restaurant
    Pimlico Road
  73. The Rose Club
    Portman Mews South
  74. Polish Sikorski Museum
    Princes Gate
  75. Grey Coat Hospital Saint Michaels School
    Regency Street
  76. Saint Marys Convent N15
    Saint Anns Road
  77. Jamies Italian Restaurant EC1
    Saint John Street
  78. Rotherhithe Picture Research Library
    Saint Mary Church Street
  79. Sands Films Studio
    Saint Marychurch Street
  80. Saint James Church Garlickhythe
    Skinners Lane
  81. Urban Golf Smithfield
    Smithfield Street
  82. Radha Krishna Temple
    Soho Street
  83. Canada Water Bus Station
    Surrey Quays Road
  84. Shire Place
    Swafield Road
  85. Anaya Club
    Swallow Street
  86. Peter Jones Collection Point 1
    Symons street/Cadogan Gardens
  87. Scalini Restaurant SW3
    Walton Street
  88. Project Club London
    Wells Street
  89. The Gateways
    Whiteheads Grove
  90. Cranmer Court
    Whiteheads Grove
  91. Avista Restaurant
    Grosvenor Square
  92. British Institute of Radiology
    Portland Place
  93. London Upright MRI Centre
    Newman Street
  94. Murano Restaurant
    Queen Street Mayfair
  95. Number 5 Bar
    Cavendish Square
  96. Number Ten Hotel
    Manchester Street
  97. Portland Hospital Consulting Suite
    Great Portland Street
  98. Regis House
    Beaumont Street/Weymouth St
  99. Vivian Westwood Shop
    Conduit Street
  100. Oasis Hotel
    Norfolk Square
  101. Bloomsbury Ambulance Station
    Herbrand Street
  102. Salvador & Amanda Bloomsbury
    Vernon Place
  103. Bridge of Aspiration
    Floral Street
  104. Maxwells Restaurant WC2
    James Street
  105. Salvador and Amanda Restaurant
    Great Newport Street
  106. Electric Avenue
    Brixton Road/Atlantic Road
  107. Calvary Square
    Turks Row
  108. BO London Restaurant
    Mill Street
  109. Green Man Ph W1
    Riding House Street
  110. Bourlet Close
    Riding House Street
  111. Gosfield Street
    New cavandish Street
  112. The Woman in Black
    Fortune Theatre/Russel Street
  113. Shreek
    Theatre Royal Drurry Lane/Cathrine Street
  114. Lion King
    Lycum Theatre/Wellington Street
  115. Mama Mia
    Novelo Theatre/Adlwich
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