SAT 2-4

  1. pivotal 
  2. portly 
    fat, esp. of one who has a stately, imposing bearing 
  3. precarious 
    dangerously insecure or unstable 
  4. propaganda 
    material distributed by those in favor of a specific cause and reflecting their point of view 
  5. prurient 
    tending to have or cause lustful thoughts 
  6. quiver 
    to shale; to tremble from fear or cold 
  7. rebut 
    to refute, esp. by offering opposing arguments of evidence 
  8. reign 
    to rule, as by a monarch; to be prevalent; the period of rule 
  9. relic 
    a surviving trace of a culture or period that no longer exists 
  10. scurrilous 
    using indecent or abusive language 
  11. strident 
    loud and shrill or grating 
  12. substantiate 
    to support with evidence 
  13. thrift 
    care in managing money or other resources 
  14. truckle 
    to submit in a subservient manner to a superior; fawn 
  15. turmoil 
    extreme confusion; uproar 
  16. unscrupulous 
    processing ruthlessly; without regard for right or wrong 
  17. vaunt 
    to show off; to brag 
  18. veneer 
    an attractive, ultimately misleading outward show; thin layer 
  19. vindictive 
    seeking revenge; marked by a desire to hurt 
  20. wayward 
    stubbornly going against what is expected or required in order to satisfy one's own desires 
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